August 31, 2011

Tong Gong Fall Semester Registration Now Open

Founded by Bodhidharma, a 5th century Indian Buddhist monk, Tong-Gong is considered the root of all modern martial arts. Tong-Gong has been employed and developed as a method for curing illness and strengthening the body. Its main therapeutic properties lie in its regulation of the activity of the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, the therapeutic effects also help correct abnormal reactions of the organism and have a massaging effect on the organs of the body. Tong-Gong is based Oriental medicine. The exercises put pressure on a combination of specific acupuncture points which elicit desired physiological responses. Since the movements are combined with breathing, Tong-Gong delivers freshly oxygenated blood to the muscle tissue and internal organs. The harmonization of Nae-Gong (internal) and Wae-Gong (external) exercises leads to a balance of mind, body and spirit.  FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE.

August 26, 2011

Brazil Charter for So Shim Sa Fellowship presented to Dinair Santana

Dinair Santana recieved a charter and will be the President of the Brazil Chapter of the So Shim Sa Buddhist Fellowship. Andrea Prados will be the treasurer for this first international chapter.  Dinair has been studying Buddhism under Ven. Myong Ahn Sunim for 7 years and has completed the Chapter President Course. We look forward to supporting her in this expansion and watching our Sangha grow.

Eastern Buddhist Association visits So Shim Sa along with DonGuk University Monks and Professor

On Sunday August 7th, several new visitors participated in the Traditional Sunday Service. Afterwards the Sangha ate together and exchanged pleasant conversation. The feedback from the visitors was good and they were impressed with the progress of So Shim Sa and the support from its members.

Monthly "Extended Sit" Schedule

Beginning in September we will hold EXTENDED SIT classes. These classes will be held every LAST Monday and Wednesday of EACH month. Extended Sits are intended to deepen you meditation practice and prepare you for longer meditation retreats.
Extended Sit schedule:
6:00 pm   Evening Service
6:30pm   Extended Sit instructions
6:40pm   1st period of sitting meditation (30 min)
7:10pm   Walking meditation
7:20pm   2nd period of sitting meditation (30min)
7:50pm   Self administered acupressure massage and harmonizing health exercises
8:00pm   Class end

Note: Prior meditation class attendance is required
         The Extended Sit is conducted in SILENCE.