June 25, 2013

Soshimsa Zen Center's 4 Year Anniversary Celebration (June 23, 2013)

On June 23, 2013 Soshimsa Zen Center celebrated its 4 Year Anniversary. Although with the new location it felt a bit like a Grand Opening. As usual we had a video collage of the past events, presentations and speeches by Ven. Myong-Ahn, Mooh-Sang and Duhk-Song Sunim as well as Mrs. Kelley Shim-Choi and Prof. Tracey Shors. We talked about our future plans and the work that Soshimsa Fellowship is doing at Rutgers University. Dr. Shors, who heads our meditation research study spoke of the impact of the Fellowship's and Soshimsa's work on the lives of students as well as the women at the battered women's center where Dr. Shors teaches meditation as part of the research. Ven. Duhk-Song, who serves as the Director of the 1000 Hands Outreach, had words of encouragement for the current participants of our Volunteer Program. He also congratulated past recipients of the President's Volunteer Award of which Soshimsa is a Certifying Organization ( The festivities concluded with our Abbot, Ven. Myong-Ahn officially adopting the Charter for Compassion ( as Soshimsa Zen Center became a recognized Charter for Compassion Partner.