July 13, 2015

Soshimsa Zen Center Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

On Sunday, July 12, members of Soshima Zen Center assembled to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Its founding.

The Abbess, Ven. Ji-Hyon Sunim of Kwan Um Sa and her sangha were also present for the occasion.

Women of the Center once again donned traditional Korean dress called Han-Bok to facilitate the presentation of the Six Offerings (Yook Gong-Yang).

Four Soshimsa Zen members were presented with their Dharma names.

Five members spoke; some related their personal experience with the Center, and Ven. Duhk-Song Sunim recounted a bit of the history.

There was a musical performance of “My Own Two Hands”* with instrumental accompaniment by Robert Davey on piano and Rafael Rios on ukulele and vocal participation by the Lotus Buds children.

The Abbot of Soshimsa Zen Center, Ven. Myong-Ahn Sunim officially opened the 1000-day Kwan Um Prayer for the health and prosperity of the collective Soshimsa sangha family and with hopes of Soshimsa coming to own its own facilities in the 1000 day future.